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So.. I got bored (read: felt the need to postpone my homework again.. seriously, why am I not still in highschool? I sure have the same mentality..) and went through catcherofdreamz' flickr with all these amazing pictures and I just felt the need to icon them. ALL of these amazing pictures were made by her, so IF you're going to use any, you don't really have to credit me, but not forget to credit her! :)

I know they pretty much look the same (style) and are very simple but.. yeah, as I said, haven't made icons in a LONG, LONG while. Made a few wallpapers to.
They include Adam Lambert, Monte Pittman, Tommy Joe Ratliff and a few Allison Iraheta.

+Collapse )

Oh, and this will get locked probs after a few days because I lock everything on my journal. XD
mood: boredbored
music: adam lambert - voodoo
Okay, this post is going to be very image, video AND text heavy. Just to warn you. My recap of the most wonderful concert I've ever witnessed. Even if you don't like GaGa; watch her sing Stand By Me (and Brown Eyes.. while you're busy). This lady is a Goddess, no doubt about it.

"you're so perfect."
{lady gaga's monster ball, 15th may 2010, gelredome, arnhem.}

helloooooooo holland;Collapse )
music: semi precious weapons - magnetic baby
i know i am a day too early but i won't allow myself on LJ tomorrow because of my exams etc
i love that lavender blonde, the way she moves, the way she walks ..

Lady GaGa, I love you. You're beautiful, unique, inspiring, gorgeous, smart, original, pretty, wonderful, a free bitch, and our Monster Queen. You've helped me through so much shit, you cheer me up when one of your songs comes on the radio or is being played in the club; you're incredible. Seeing you live on 15th May will be truly a dream come true.

As many people in the business can confirm, you're one of the hardest working popstars out there. You diserve this all so bad. You're bringing something new to pop music; in fact, before I knew you, I didn't even listen to pop music. I didn't like it. But GodGa, you're a rock chick with pop music. You're not afraid of anybody, you just do what you want, and what you know is best. It's rare to be as fearless as you are and I respect you so fucking much for it, it's what makes you the best.

You're a legend. Yes, you really are. You can deny it or not, but you've already made history, with #6 number one hits from just one album. One day your name will be between names like your heroes Bowie, Freddie and Jackson.

I am going to have all my drinks on you tonight, and party my pants off with you in the back of my mind. I hope you have the best birthday ever; you said you were going to look for the nearest bar that smells like urine and get drunk.. sounds like a great plan, I'm with you. Once again, I love you GaGa. You changed me.

xo One of your many Little Monsters.
music: lady gaga - so happy i could die